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Fehler (Hol) - Dissona CD (HHR2012-13)

Coffins (Jap) - March of Despair CD (HHR2012-016)

Cult Of Occult (Fra) - Cult of Occult CD (HHR2012-19)

Sardonis (Bel) - II CD (HHR2012-21)

Gorerotted (UK) - Mutilated in Minutes CD (HHR2012-22)

Repugnant (Swe) - Hecatomb Digi-MCD (HHR2012-23)

Collision (Hol) - A Healthy Dose of Death CD (HHR2012-26)

F.U.B.A.R. (Hol) - Lead Us To War CD (HHR2012-27)

Beyond Terror Beyond Grace (Australia) - Nadir CD (WT 104)

Phobia (US) - Remnants of Filth CD (WT 105)

Wormed (Spain) - Quasineutrality EP CD (WT 107) - read review

Wormed (Spain) - Planisphaerium CD (WT 108) - read review

Afgrund (Swe) - The Age of Dumb CD (WT 109)

Sophicide (Ger) - Perdition of The Sublime CD (WT 110)

Noisear (US) - Turbulent Resurgence CD (WT 112)

Malignancy (US) - Eugenics CD (WT 113)