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News 21/02/2014


Lunatic Media presents:

Hour of Penance - OEF, 05/07/2013

News 20/02/2014


Lunatic Media presents:

Gruesome Stuff Relish - OEF, 05/07/2013


News 19/02/2014


Lunatic Media presents:

Graveyard - OEF, 04/07/2013


News 18/02/2014


Lunatic Media presents:

Napalm Death - OEF, 05/07/2013


Obscene Extreme Festival 2013 - report:


03/04.07.2013 e.v. – the night and the morning 

Out of the light, into the dark 

I arrived to Trutnov in the middle of the night, after ten hours of driving and unexpected detour at the final length of the route. This last leg was an almost otherworldly journey through nocturnal, misty scenery bringing to mind all Dracula stories. Quite nice vibe but also stressful – for someone who was there for the first time and wanted to get to destination as soon as possible.  

When you’re a member of video crew recording metal festival be sure that you won’t sleep until noon at the holiday time. Even if you went to bed about 5 at morning. So, after early breakfast we took the equipment to the car and went to Trutnov Battlefield. 

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News 17/02/2014

Lunatic Media presents:

Exhumed - OEF, 06/07/2013


Cock And Ball Torture - OEF, 06/07/2013


News 01/02/2014

Lunatic Media is proud to announce first DVD of Polish grinders SQUASH BOWELS. This is a golden opportunity due to 20th anniversary of the band. This upcoming DVD entitled "Grindvirus Syndrome - Live At OEF 2011" will instil you an extreme dose of grind core! Check the trailer now, let's grind!!!

Squash Bowels - "Grindvirus Syndrome - Live At OEF 2011" DVD trailer