Deceased fanzine


Our beginning goes 20 years back when we published an underground fanzine called DECEASED fanzine.

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The beginning of 90’s, the times without computers, Internet, when the only correspondence was performed by snail-mail and phone calls, interviews were handwritten, copies done by copy machines etc… Hard times to find information, and its capturing was constrained and possible by contacting record labels and targeted bands only. Wonderful time which has come with powerful evolution of Death and Black Metal music styles.

Our fanzine has been created in such times and in atmosphere of most extreme kinds of metal music. Initially we did the fanzine in Polish, and after we decided to switch into English to conquer foreign readers.

Many people cooperated with us, and their selfless contribution in DECEASED's formation was precious support. One of long-years workmates was our great graphic artist Tomasz Głuszko, who has fed us with amazing graphics and covers.

This section we invite You to go back in 90’s and enjoy the DECEASED fanzine. 


Deceased fanzine No1

Deceased fanzine

No 1 (1992)


Deceased fanzine No2

Deceased fanzine

No 2 (1992/93)


Deceased fanzine No3

Deceased fanzine

No 3 (1994)

 Deceased fanzine No4

Deceased fanzine

No 4 (1995)


 Deceased fanzine No5

Deceased fanzine

No 5 (1996)


 Deceased fanzine No6

Deceased fanzine

No 6 (1997)